Compromise on the smoking ban

Smoking is disgusting. I think it is one of the biggest turn offs and nothing good comes from it. This is just an opinion. Thousands of people still smoke whether they are aware of the harmful effects or not. On this campus alone, there are so many smokers. I’m shocked at how many of my friends smoke, whether it’s for social occasions or on the reg. I personally am against it, but it’s not my life so I really have no control over it.


There are rumors going around that the university is going to try and remove all smoking from the campus. This is a nice attempt from the university to help those that do not like smoking and to make the overall campus a healthier environment, but it is quite a long stretch. This ban would anger a majority of the student body and cause more issues than it would solve. What would be next? Completely remove alcohol even for those over age 21?

As suggested by numan, instead of completely removing smoking from campus, they should just move the designated smoking areas further away from the buildings. I hate having to walk into my building and pass a bunch of smokers. My friend that lives closest to the door can sometimes smell the smoke in her room!

Also, I hate walking to my classes or Jazzmans and having to walk through a bunch of people smoking. I pride myself on never smoking, so why do I have to still suffer from it and risk getting second hand smoke?

The designated smoking areas should be moved to places where less people walk. Who cares if smokers complain that they have to walk further? You guys are the ones that choose to smoke so we are doing you a favor by putting the locations further away so that your lungs get some benefit.

Overall, it is stupid to altogether remove smoking on campus, and the university should just work to make it less noticeable.