I wish I didn’t see the sign

Gabby Nowicki

I am sure the fellow University of New Haven community has heard over and over about the latest editions to the school, including the three million dollar renovation to the run down freshmen dorm, Bethel Hall, and a glamorous new residence hall accompanied with classrooms and a new dining all.


One renovation that went a little less noticed is the main focus of my article. Ever walk by the library at night and see a giant, florescent light screaming University of New Haven? Oddly, I did not until I drove past one night and it grabbed my attention. Not going to lie—it’s a nice sign.

But was it really necessary?

I think people are already aware that they are, in fact, at the University of New Haven and they do not need a giant sign to confirm that. Granted, if this school was perfect and did not need any other fixings, then sure, put as many signs wherever you want! But the fact of the matter is that this school is far from perfect and still needs a lot of work done. The money that was used to put up a fancy new sign could have been used for a plethora of other things across campus.

I’m a junior on campus, and having to live in Dunham can be pretty rough at times. What makes it worse is living in a room that registered at 87 degrees one night a few weeks ago. I would sleep practically naked, and doing anything, including just sitting in a chair and not moving, meant sweat would drip off my face.

So why couldn’t the money that went towards the sign be used to renovate Dunham, especially since upperclassman have to live there?

Being a nutrition major, I practically live in the rundown Harugari Hall. It is also just as hot as Dunham, so I practically want to pass out in class. Yet there are no air conditions units in sight. Each classroom just has a mini fan that I guess is supposed to cool off an entire room of 20 to 30 people.

There are multiple other little fixes that the money could have been used for across campus but instead the university bought a giant sign—which, by the way probably sucks up a lot of energy, as well. I pay a lot to go to this school and while I get a good education out of it, I would like to be living in a comfortable setting as well.