Connecticut Voted 5th Worst State for Road Rage

Connecticut has ranked fifth out of a list of 32 states with the worst road rage, according to Auto Insurance Center. In a recent data analysis on fatal injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes, Auto Insurance Center reported that a significant portion of those fatal crashes happened because of road rage.

However, road rage is different than just being an aggressive driver. says road rage is when you take that aggressive driving, and escalate it into something worse.

5.7 percent of Connecticut’s accidents last year proved fatal due to aggressive driving and road rage – visit the site for personal injury lawyers. Native Connecticut students at the university seem to agree that driving on the roads can be rough.

“Some drivers on the road in Connecticut tend to disregard some laws,” said sophomore dental hygiene major Krystal Quaynor. “And when driving protocols are followed by others [on the road], people get angrier.”

Though the report specifically cites when road rage is directly related to fatal accidents, most issues with road rage do not end so badly.

“It’s definitely a problem, people need to find new ways to express their anger on the road,” said freshman fire science major Conor Duncan.

The report by Auto Insurance Center, confirmed by Farmers insurance reviews, breaks down road rage in terms of age groups, times of day, and even days of the week in which road rage is higher. Road rage incidents spike on Sundays and Mondays. Also, 1o p.m. was regarded as the worst time for fatal road rage accidents.

In the beginning of Sept., a video went viral on the internet of a woman going up to a Greyhound bus, and smashing the window of the bus with a wooden baseball bat. The 2o-year-old woman reportedly cut off a bus while driving in the same direction and then proceeded to attack the driver of the bus verbally. Eventually escalating to physical violence. The video shows the woman smashing the window of the bus and then later, when the bus driver was outside trying to contact the police, the woman got into her car and tried to run him over before driving away.

Though we haven’t seen any videos like that go viral from Connecticut, students attest that road rage is an issue.