Making the Most of MakeHaven

Alyssa MacKinnon

MakeHaven is an amazing space on State Steet in downtown New Haven. They proudly declare that, “It’s a gathering place and workshop for makers, creators, tinkerers and dreamers.” The varied but close-knit group work promotes an environment that supports the development of and collaboration on a wide variety of projects. Projects include 3D printing and mechanics, laser cutter technology and electronics. More traditional activities include crafts, digital art, biology and woodworking.

Through cooperative projects led by MakeHaven members the project and program participants gain a greater understanding of how to create, repair and reuse items. In addition to project-oriented activities and skill building workshops hosted in the space. Their website features a calendar and the most recent events include a cheese board cutting workshop using wood scraps and an afternoon workshop on an introduction to stained glass.

The University of New Haven’s first ever 3 Day Start Up workshop was kindly granted access to a semi-private tour by the Co-Organizer, Tambira Armmand. She walked the group through what it takes to become a member which is a small fee and a safety workshop, which is quickly getting more and more people into making their ideas a reality! Some people made their own computer operated breweries and other impressive creations. MakeHaven has an open house every Tuesday at 7p.m. you can RSVP for one on their website and their email is [email protected] or (203) 936-9830. The workshop space even has a Youtube channel to check out their for videos of possible creations and howto’s with the organizers.