Star Wars makes BIG change to die-hard fans

Scott Iwaniec

Since the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII, fans have been speculating where the story will go next. Die-hard fans reflect visions of the Expanded Universe (EU).

It has recently been reported from the official Star Wars website that the Star Wars films from now on will not be bound to any EU books, cartoons, etc. They want to give the creators a clean slate and do not want to bind them to any chains.

You may be asking yourself what all of this means, so allow me to explain. Star Wars has a thing called the EU, which is other media that the story of Star Wars take place in. This includes books, comics, video games, and TV shows.

The significance of this is that all of these medias, including the movies, meet a certain standard to cohere with each other. This means that books, comics, and cartoons are not reimagining’s or fan fiction. All of them together are the complete story of Star Wars. One of the most notable is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a 2008 animated TV series, which takes place between Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

The decision made was to essentially disregard all of the EU from here on out in order to allow creators to use their full imagination. This upsets fans because it essentially drops all of the stories that they have grown to know and love.

Personally I don’t mind this decision. I actually think it’s smart because the director and the writers don’t have to worry about stepping on any toes, although this announcement is an anvil dropped on quite a few feet.

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, my advice to you is to relax and take a chill pill. It’s okay for the movies to change a few things from sources that most of the general public doesn’t even know exists anyway. To 90 percent of the population, all that matters are the movies. Its only entertainment; nothing is real, just relax and enjoy your film and don’t become a Treky.