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Everything We Know About Solo: A Star Wars Story

Everything We Know About Solo: A Star Wars Story

Matthew Verrilli, Contributing Writer February 27, 2018

When Star Wars first debuted in 1977, the franchise instantly became a cultural phenomenon. After the original trilogy and the wrap up of the prequel movies in 2005, many people thought there would be...

Rogue One Coming Soon

Ben Atwater April 13, 2016

The highest grossing film of last year, The Force Awakens, brought the Star Wars franchise roaring back to life with over $2 billion dollars. Episode VII brought Star Wars back into the public eye after...

Five Great Live-Action Disney Movies

Hector Ramirez II April 13, 2016

I believe it’s safe to say that a majority of the movies released by Walt Disney Film Studios have hit strides in the industry for being inventive and magical. While Disney’s animated movies are here...

Top 5 Movie Scores That Stand The Test of Time

Ben Atwater April 6, 2016

One of the most essential elements of any film is its score. Known as being the musical sound track of a movie, a score sets the tone and feel of a film, and is an integral part of the artistic end result....

Movie Madness Taking Over Campus

Ben Atwater February 24, 2016

Coming up this week is SCOPE’s annual celebration of all things movies, Film Week. This year’s theme is superheroes. Many of the events are basic showings of film. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and...

Weekly Round Up

Ben Atwater February 10, 2016

Deadpool is set to premiere Friday, Feb. 12, and the excitement is at an all-time high for fans of the movie about the “mercenary with a mouth.” After a slew of inventive trailers and promotions,...

Best of 2015

Ben Atwater February 3, 2016

Film Editor Ben shares his Top 5 Movies of 2015   It has been a great year, as always, for film. As tradition, let’s wind down what in my opinion was the best films of 2015. 5....

Star Wars Awakens New Fans

Ben Atwater January 27, 2016

Set thirty years after 1983’s Return of the Jedi, Dec. 18 marked the rebirth of what many consider to be the greatest film saga of all time, all at the hands of acclaimed director JJ Abrams. The Force...

Trailers: An Art in of Themselves

Ben Atwater October 28, 2015

Throughout the past seventy years of mainstream cinema, trailers have always been the predominant form of marketing for film. Even 76 years ago, Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz were promoted...

Weekly Roundup

Ben Atwater September 2, 2015

Disney’s response to Comic Con has long been D23, a media convention for the corporate empire that rules the world. After Marvel skipped Comic Con this past year, for the first time in ages, there...

Train of trailers

Ben Atwater April 22, 2015

The past week has been like Christmas for film fans, with trailers seemingly dropping every day. The first trailer is for the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After the thirty-second...

2015 Movie Draft

Ben Atwater March 25, 2015

As we come out of what is known as the dumping ground of film (January to March), many new and exciting films are coming out. So, in a week that’s short of movie news, here is a list of the top five...

Thankful for trailers

Ben Atwater December 3, 2014

Two new major trailers debuted over the Thanksgiving Holiday. First off, the Jurassic World trailer debuted last Tuesday. Set to come out on June 12, 2015, Jurassic World will feature a fully operating...

Star Wars makes BIG change to die-hard fans

Scott Iwaniec April 30, 2014

Since the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII, fans have been speculating where the story will go next. Die-hard fans reflect visions of the Expanded Universe (EU). It has recently been reported from...

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