Spreading positivity

Caitlin Duncan

Since the app “Yik Yak” became the hottest app on campus, a cloud of negativity has been hovering over UNH.

Caitlin Duncan bw

People have been targeting specific people or groups on this anonymous app, and it is really taking a toll on campus.

Lately, everyone is so cautious of their every move on campus, in hopes that they don’t end up on Yik Yak. But even if they aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s highly likely that someone will find something negative to say about that person.

All of these unnecessary posts are making people on campus miserable. Instead of saying negative things about someone anonymously, why don’t we try to use it positively?

Maybe this is a long shot, but can you just think of how much happier our campus would be? People could stop worrying that they’re doing something wrong every time they leave their room.

It’s even possible less people would look so upset while walking around campus.

Using Yik Yak to spread positivity around campus isn’t the only way to do it.

Something as simple as smiling at someone passing by you can make someone’s day, or holding the door open for someone, and letting them go in before you. Sometimes, little gestures can go a long way in people’s lives.

If you want to do something even more extravagant, perhaps you can try complimenting someone once a day, or even offering to pay for someone’s snack at the C-Store.

You can do anything you can think of in order to spread positivity around campus. We all live here together, and it’s not right that we’re miserable because everyone has been so negative.

If we can all try being nicer to one another, campus will be a much better place. No one wants to spend college being miserable because of other people on campus.

One simple, nice gesture really can make someone’s day. We should all try it.