Speaking About a Spectrum of Sports and Management

Leah Myers

John Page, president of the Wells Fargo Complex, has teamed up with the UNH Sports Management Department for the 2015-2016 year.

John Page

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the University of New Haven Sports Management Department has teamed up with John Page to be a guide for graduates and undergraduates majoring/minoring in that program.

John Page is the President of the Wells Fargo Complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is under the management of Comcast Spectracor, previously known as Global Spectracor.

Page is willing to take time from his work in PA to speak to the Sports Management students about his first hand experiences in the industry.

The Sports Management program here at UNH teaches the broad concept of what goes on behind the scenes in the sports industry including, but not limited to, ticket management, coaching, broadcast, sporting goods, and arena maintenance.

UNH’s program was one of the first in the country to emerge, with the undergraduate program turning 30 years old and the graduate program 20 years old.

As the department is included under the College of Business, it is possible that Page will get a chance to speak to the students in other majors that are associated with the College of Business.

It is anticipated that Page will come a few times per semester to tell of his experiences and give Human Resource strategies.

In a phone interview with Page, he said he was “fortunate to be involved [in the industry] since 1991.”

Since then, he said that he had been fortunate to come across the opportunities that brought him to his position as the President of an arena complex today.

Page also mentions that he is very excited to see people learn about this field of study because of how much there out there to learn.  He is eager to give back to the community by sharing his experiences with students aspiring Sports Management.

Gil Fried, the Sports Management Department Chair and Professor, said that Page is very successful, with many successful people willing to give back.

The department is very fortunate to have a faculty with great connections to the vast world of sports and to those who manage and industrialize it.