Six Flags: More Flags, More Fun!

Lindsay Lynch

This past Saturday, two busloads of students went down to Six Flags Great Adventure for a day of fun enjoying roller coasters, games, and shows. Signups were held the Wednesday before and people camped out for two hours!

Once on the bus, all students were given a giveaway ticket and were told more details would come once we got to the park. The bus ride was about two hours to the New Jersey park (the better park of the two in the northeast). Each bus had a movie to watch: The Invention of Lying and Did You Hear about the Morgan’s.

Once we arrived at the park it was giveaway time! The prizes included four free flash passes, one for each winner to use with one other friend, and two season passes. The flash passes are passes that allow you to reserve your ride time without waiting in line. Having a flash pass is by far the coolest way to spend a day at the park!  Every student was given a free admission ticket to the park along with two meal vouchers for the day so they could get two meals completely free at participating restaurants. Ultimately it was a completely free day sponsored by the weekend’s committee from SCOPE. It was a beautiful day in the park, not too cold or too hot, with relatively short lines. This is always a favorite trip; SCOPE really hooked everyone up with such a fun day and it was an added bonus that the weather cooperated as well!