Seniors speak on takeaways from the undergraduate experience

Julianna Pegnataro, Contributing Writer

In just over a month, the class of 2022 will be crossing the stage with their undergraduate diplomas in hand. With graduation around the corner, seniors have been reflecting on their college experience at the University of New Haven. Their comments include some of their most memorable experiences at the university, challenges they faced and their plans for the future.

Cole Stephen Kochanowski, national security major, shared that he wanted to try new things throughout his college career. “For my first 3 years on campus,” he said, “I remained in my comfort zone doing the bare minimum. It wasn’t until senior year that I started to branch out and try new experiences like going to my first ever live concert or even joining RSO’s.”

Kochanowski also shared his happiest memory while attending the university. “My happiest memory at the University of New Haven was probably my first time stepping on the ‘smurf turf’ [Ralph F. Dellacamera Stadium] and performing the marching band halftime show for a packed stadium. It was my first real charger pride moment and something I will never forget,” he said. Kochanowski’s future endeavors include attending a language school in Dushanbe, Tajikistan for 25 weeks to study Persian, and looking for a career in the intelligence community to put the skills he learned to use. Kochanowski will be graduating with an Engineering degree.

Tom Vojta shared some of his biggest takeaways from his four years at the university. He said, “My biggest takeaway is that the University of New Haven is a great place to start my career and learn. They provided me with many opportunities and resources to grow and excel.”

Vojta speaks of experiences with his friends while attending the university. “My happiest memory is probably going to the football games with my friends.” After he graduates, Vojta wants to work for an engineering company to further pursue his interests in a career in engineering. Vojta will be graduating with an Engineering degree.

Winter Green shared some advice that she would like to give to other students at the university: that hard work pays off in the long run.

She also shared what she feels to be one of her biggest success stories within her 4 years of schooling. She said, “One of my happiest memories at the university was becoming President of the Panhellenic Conference.”

With all of her achievements within her cumulative undergraduate career, Green will be continuing her education at the University of New Haven Graduate School program. She was admitted to the MBA/MPA dual program, and she is very excited to jump right into her graduate studies. Green will be graduating with a Political Science degree and a Paralegal Certificate.