Senior Vice President of USGA resigns

Amidst a series of allegations within and against the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) e-board, the resignation of Senior Vice President (SVP) Hailey Perez, a marine biology major, led to questions arising among the university community regarding the responsibilities of the role and which elected official(s) will oversee Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) temporarily until a new election is held.

Article VI, section 4, clause 3, on the Removal and Succession of the USGA Constitution says, “If for any reason the Senior Vice President, Vice President of Operations, Executive Assistant, or Sergeant at Arms position is vacant, the President will then appoint a replacement, subject to a ⅔ Legislative Approval.”

Section 4, clause 4 indicates that the official letter of resignation “must be read to the Legislature and accepted by majority vote” and that “Letters of resignation must be submitted to the USGA president at least 48 hours prior to the meeting in which it will be voted upon.”

The Legislature did not commence a vote on the resignation, as the announcement was made during e-board reports in last Friday’s meeting.

There is now uncertainty surrounding the redistribution of the SVP’s responsibilities in the interim, and what this may mean for many RSOs seeking to carry out activity amidst these transitions in leadership.

The SVP role focuses heavily on interaction with and management of RSOs, but also encompasses other duties, including serving as the co-chair of the TORCH committee and acting as a liaison between the e-board and House of Representatives.

It can also be noted that the SVP is responsible for filling in the role as USGA President in moments of their absence, and now that failsafe is currently not present in the executive board.

At this time, the USGA intends to carry out their weekly General Assembly meeting on Friday from 2-5 p.m..

The activity surrounding the USGA is developing, and further updates will be provided throughout the week.