Senior Farewells

Seth Harrington: “My time at the Charger Bulletin taught me discipline and methods of storytelling. I know the Bulletin will continue to prosper and inform the students.”

Corina Rodriguez: “Thanks to my professors and peers; I have grown as a professional and person. One of the biggest blessings I have received during my time at the university is the Charger Bulletin.”

Ariana Lasher: “Any club or activity that I was a part of has really felt like a home away from home. One of those being the Charger Bulletin, which Susan Campbell very quickly convinced me to be a part of and convinced me to pursue journalism, which I don’t regret at all.”

Nicole Rivera: “The Charger Bulletin has helped me gain more confidence in doing things I love, such as writing, photography, and reporting. I was given the opportunity to become an anchor for the show my junior year, and become the anchor for the entertainment segment my senior year.”

Jennifer Korn: “Working with the Charger Bulletin over the last two years shaped my college experience. I have grown tremendously as a writer, editor, and investigator. I will always be grateful for all of the amazing people I worked with and our shared goal of making the Charger Bulletin the best it can be! Congratulations to my fellow seniors and the Charger Bulletin’s new editors!”

Erin Cuomo: “The Charger Bulletin has given me an outlet in which I have expanded my creativity. Being the Opinion Editor, I’ve gotten to work with a lot of talented writers and give feedback that benefitted them and myself in the long run. Having that mentorship opportunity was so enlightening and I learned so much from my writers along the way.”

Anna Downs: “Without the Charger Bulletin, my college experience would have been much less exciting and I’m so thankful, looking back to have been involved in such an incredible organization that continuously works so hard no matter the situation, and that is something that I have really taken pride in and will carry it with me for a lifetime.”

Diana Perez: “For me, the Charger Bulletin was a place where I could learn new things in a comfortable and fun environment. I started my sophomore year working as camera crew and was given the opportunity to be multimedia editor during my senior year. I am truly grateful for the time I’ve spent on campus and with the Charger Bulletin News.”

Susan Campbell: “Hi, seniors! Every year the hardest part of this job is saying goodbye to some talented journalists, and I’m finding this year a little harder than usual. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your creativity, your ability to blow through problems, and light the way. You’ve been incredible!”

Wayne Edwards: “Hey, seniors! Congratulations, you made it! Your college career is over, but now your professional career is just beginning. I want to wish all of you out there the best of luck and success as you move forward, and remember if you need anything just reach out. We are always here to help out.