Lindsay Lynch

I hope you all enjoyed spring weekend! This week I need to start by thanking a few people! THANK YOU to all of the volunteers out there who helped out with the spring concert, spring carnival, and the drive-in movie! This was such a busy weekend for SCOPE and we really appreciated all the help; we could not have pulled off any of it without you so thanks again for all your help. The concert went really well; we even sold out! Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was awesome when, during the last Cobra Starship song, we were able to have our confetti cannon fire! So much planning went on for the concert and it was great to see it run so smoothly.

Hats off to Jen Cross and Rachel Nichols for planning such an amazing carnival! This year there was no elephant, but it was still fantastic! They brought bumper cars, swings, many other carnival rides, gave out awesome t-shirts for free, two great stage shows, roaming artists, novelties, and had fantastic giveaways, not to mention it was a beautiful day! Between the sunshine, the rides, and the yummy food it really got me excited for spring and summer weather.

The spring comedian was also a huge hit! If you see Farren Sandquist or Annie Luccarelli please thank them for such an awesome night! They sure know how to pick a funny comedian.

We were actually able to have a drive-in this spring weekend. Can you believe it? The past two spring weekends it has rained and we had to move inside, which definitely takes away from the drive-in feel. Nick Shirley picked an awesome movie, The Book of Eli, and despite some technical problems at the start, the drive-in was fantastic! The quad was full of glow sticks, blankets, and towels from the comedian.

SCOPE also finished out the year with a few other events after spring weekend. On Monday, comedy and lecture had the real live hitch, the Dating Doctor, which was a great event. On the last day of classes, the day programming committee planned the relaxation package, which is always a big hit! You could get a massage, eat yummy treats, decorate a bath robe, and more!

Overall it was a great year and I am happy I was co-chair. I had the opportunity to work with some really great people and it was a great experience. This year was amazing and I think Glenn would agree with me: our committee heads did a great job so a special thanks to ALL of them. There is also another group of people I would like to personally thank, and that is all of our general members! They are all so amazing and they are truly the people that help to make our events successful, without them we would not get half of what we accomplish done!

I really can’t believe that this is my last SCOPE It Out article. Ever since I started this little column this year it’s just been something that I have looked forward to writing every week so everyone was up to date with upcoming SCOPE events. With all that said, I do have faith that our future co-chairs for next year will take this on and continue SCOPE It Out in The Charger Bulletin. Thanks so much everyone, it was a great year! HAVE A FANTASTIC AND SAFE SUMMER!