SAE’s True Gentleman Week of Service

Karina Krul

During the week of March 27, Sigma Alpha Epsilon held their True Gentleman Week of Service. It is the second year they have taken a full week to host these events. They held service events, as well as social events, throughout the week to engage students as well as to raise money and awareness for many organizations.

SAE members Jeremy Bellman and Nick Sallucci  (Photo by Karina Krul)
SAE members Jeremy Bellman and Nick Sallucci
(Photo by Karina Krul)

“The goal was to reach out and raise money for as many organizations as possible,” said SAE Vice President, Ian Jones.

It was a week for the brothers of SAE to give back to the community while hosting events for the entire student population to enjoy.

“The True Gentleman Week of Service is a great opportunity for both brothers and non-brothers to get involved with helping out those in need while having a great time and meeting new people,” said SAE brother Cam Koizumi.

Their week of service began on Monday March 28 when a group of SAE brothers went into New Haven to prepare dinner at a local soup kitchen.

SAE brother, Charlie Ricard, described it. “We have a lot to be grateful for, like getting a meal every day, and working to help do that for others made me want to help out more often.”

The week continued, but shifted focus to another cause. On Tuesday, the brothers held a book drive throughout the day in Bartels collecting books for New Haven Reads. The day came to a close with a Spelling Bee open to all UNH students in the Alumni Lounge.

Prizes, including a Kindle and Barnes and Noble gift cards, were awarded to first, second, and third placed spellers.

“Participating in the spelling bee was one real wide eye opener for me. Reading and spelling is such an important thing for a child to learn at a young age so the books donated to New Haven Reads were definitely going towards a great cause,” said SAE brother Nash Khairi. It was a great opportunity to have fun and win prizes while supporting a good cause.

On Wednesday, the event of the night was Bubble Soccer on Kayo Field. Teams of four could compete for $10 a person, all proceeds benefitting SAE’s philanthropy Children’s Miracle Network.

“Bubble soccer is a great event that gives back to the Children’s Miracle Network. This year, many teams from around the campus community showed up to Kayo Field to give back with us and have some fun at the same time,” Jones said.

The night was filled with music and laughs as students gathered to watch their friends compete for a first place trophy.

“After attending the bubble soccer event, I can honestly say SAE is filled with a bunch of gentlemen. They kept the sport very alive and entertaining, making everyone even on the sidelines involved in what was going on,” said UNH student Carissa June.

On Friday, SAE brothers spent their morning delivering breakfast to campus faculty, including campus police, as a way to give back to the campus community. The week coalesced with the Hartford Wolfpack game Friday  night against the Hershey Bears. SAE brothers sold tickets throughout the week to students who wished to attend the event. It was a great end to an eventful week, as the Wolfpack beat the Bears five to one. The numerous events that raised money while engaging the entire UNH community made the week truly a success.