Ron Paul: America Slipping Into Fascism

Cullen Mclane

So apparently I’m working on some kind of article about a guy named Paul this week. And apparently he said something about America slipping into fascism or something. He’s entitled to his opinion, I guess. But what makes this Paul guy so news worthy? Everybody has opinions, but they don’t all deserve news articles (if you can even call these things that; they’re more like forcing a monkey to watch the news and then sitting him in front of a word processing program- wow, the name makes sense now!) What makes this Paul fellow so special? You know, I’m going to Google the quote, just to see if maybe Paul is someone who has some kind of significance to the world…

Oh, it’s RON Paul: that wacky old guy who’s running for President and probably very likely won’t win! I was trying to quit writing about politicians because they’re too easy to make fun of , but they were getting mad at me for almost going two weeks in a row with no article, and my other option was something about a hamburger or something, so here we are. Luckily though, Ron Paul is not your average politician. No, Ron Paul has two first names. Oh, and he’s completely insane. But I love that guy. He strikes me as the guy who sounds insane in theory, but in reality would actually be the savior of mankind. But what do I know? I’m a monkey with Microsoft Word.

The other day he said “We’ve slipped away from a true Republic. Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.” Now, here’s the thing about Ron Paul; most of what he says sounds paranoid and insane. A good chunk of it probably is. But Ron Paul does have some decent logic behind his apparent nuttiness, and there’s usually a grain of truth to much of what he says.

He later goes on to say “Just look at the bailouts, the middle class didn’t get it…. There’s a coalition of big business and big government…. But just think of this change in civil liberties that nobody wants to talk about. The arrest of Americans citizens now by the military and held indefinitely without a trial. And people aren’t concerned about it. So yes, if we have economic chaos, something like what’s in Greece, or much worse, yes, they could clamp down on us. So this is why I do worry about it. But we don’t have this now.”

Your government does have a significant amount of power over you, much as we like to think they don’t. While, it’s nice to be able to think, “Nah, it’s okay, everything’s alright,” how far do you want the government to go? Sure, relinquishing small, arguably unneeded freedoms to the feds may not seem like a big deal at first, but it’s a slippery slope! A small hole can sink a large ship, as a favorite Founding Father once said. Giving the government a small amount of power will ultimately amount to them seeking more, but doing it slowly, and gradually to sort of ease you into it.

So, what can you do? You can try voting for Ron Paul, but the odds of him being on the ballot come Election Day are slim to none. Aside from that, don’t support the degeneration of freedom; let those clowns in Washington know that you want none of it, and that they will not have your vote if they try pulling any fascist tricks. Or you can keep drinking the Kool-Aid and assuming everything’s fine.

In all seriousness though, Ron Paul’s kind of insane. But it’s just that, only KIND OF insane. Much of what he says is worth thinking about. It may not appear that we’re turning into a fascist nation, but there was a time when Adolf Hitler looked like a ray of sunshine to Germany. Things are not always how they appear. But sometimes they are, so who knows?