Response to Experiential Education: Golden Boy or Spoiled Brat?

The Charger Bulletin

By Christie Boronico Ph D.  – Associate Dean for Experiential Education

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the editorial printed in the Apr. 14 issue of The Charger Bulletin on the recent Experiential Education Celebration. As I read the thoughts of the anonymous writer it became apparent that the issue being brought to this readership is not as much about the Experiential Education Celebration marketing strategies, but rather the author’s sense that his/her club is not allowed the opportunity to act responsibly without rules and guidelines which ensure university property will not be abused.

Unfortunately I don’t believe this type of editorial is going to address inadequacies in policy.  Clearly the Center for Experiential Education, as a university office, is accountable and responsible for our events. Perhaps Anonymous would have gained ground in this discussion if s/he had used the responsible behavior of the ExEd Day Celebration team as an example of how marketing strategies like window painting can be done without damage and thereby supporting a position that rules governing clubs could be revisited.

Unfortunately the tone of the article was childish in its presentation and the anonymous submission suggests someone who hides from accountability. The commentary, which was at times inaccurate, offered nothing constructive which would lead to a productive change, and the piece concluded with a childish threat of retaliation to take place on an imaginary playground, which leaves me fully understanding why strict guidelines of behavior may be necessary for Anonymous.

My door is always open to those who want to discuss EE initiatives with me in person.