Remembering 9/11 and New Things

Matt DiGiovanni

How’s everyone’s first full week of classes going so far? As much as I enjoy free time, I have to say that finally having a normal schedule that doesn’t completely change every day is nice. A lot of events have been going on to kick off the semester, and this past weekend was no exception, with many of the events focused on remembering September 11.

On Friday, a group of UNH students and faculty, as well as members of Allingtown and West Haven Fire Departments gathered and formed a large human red, white, and blue “U.S.A.” on Kayo Field. Then on Sunday, the tenth anniversary of the attacks, three seniors in the Army ROTC program, David Steele, John Teeter, and Raquel Felder were honored by the three captains of the men’s soccer team. Finally, on Sunday night, the university community gathered in the Bixler- Botwinik quad for one last event: a candle light vigil. Although there has been a smaller memorial ceremony every year since the attacks, it was great to see the community here step up efforts to honor all affected by the 9/11 attacks.

Despite the somber note of many of the events this weekend, it was great to see another good turnout at the second football game of the season! Even though Saint Augustine College scored first and briefly held the lead, the Chargers came back with a vengeance and completely shut down the opposition’s offense! For a football team that was only restarted three years ago, the team is doing really well this season to carry on their impressive performance from last season, where they claimed a part of the NE-10 Conference title. Good job Chargers and keep up the good work!

To close, I would like to encourage everyone to check out the new university portal, insideUNH! We received an email from IT telling us about it, but what wasn’t mentioned was the new Charger Connection system! Anyone who attended USGA last semester may remember talks of a system called Collegiate Link that was to replace the older Charger Voice. Charger Connection is our personalized Collegiate Link, so definitely head to and login (the username and password are the same as your UNH email/Blackboard/Matrix accounts). Then click on the Student Activities page. Here you will find everything there is to find about the various clubs and organizations that UNH has to offer. While not every club and organization has created their page yet, at the time I wrote this, 19 had already signed up, and this number will be increasing as more groups get into the swing of things this semester.

Now to end with some shameless self-promotion! If you are interested in writing ANYTHING for The Charger Bulletin but are, say, too shy to send Joann or me a personal email, head to Charger Connection and check out The Charger Bulletin’s page. You can ask to be a member of the organization if you want to write, or you can just follow any information that we post there. It’s a great resource that I plan on using to its fullest potential. But for that to work, everyone in the campus community needs to use it! If you are invited to a club or organization that you are a member, please respond. This is how rosters are submitted now, so if you don’t respond, you won’t show up as a member of that club. I would hate for your involvement at UNH to be understated because you didn’t login to Charger Connection that one time to click approve!

I hope everyone has a great week, and thanks for picking up a copy of The Charger Bulletin or checking out our website,!