Profiling Professors

Courtney Brooks

courtney bw

A new semester has begun and we are all adjusting to new classes and new professors.  Getting acclimated with a new professor is never an easy task; it takes time to develop a relationship and learn their teaching and grading styles.  However, there are some constancies between some professors and whether that is a good thing is to be determined by each student.  Here are the four types of professors you are sure to run into this semester.

1.      The Cool Kid

This is the professor that EVERYONE loves.  You’ve heard of him before because students are always talking about how cool he is!  He is the young guy who makes classes interesting and fun.  Unlike many, he understands the importance of cell phones in this generation and doesn’t make a fuss if one is out on your desk.  In his class, not only do you learn about the subject at hand, but you also learn about life.  Every class is let out a few minutes early and you often find yourself thinking that maybe, in another life, the two of you could actually be friends.

2.      The Control Freak

In this class, early is on time and on time is late. You are expected to arrive ten minutes early so that by 8:00 on the dot, your notes are out and you’re already copying down the PowerPoint.  Fun is not a word used to describe this class and the laughs are far and few between; this professor means business.  And don’t forget to turn your cell phones off!  Despite the blizzard warnings, threats of violence on campus and all the other important information that can only be received through a text message, this professor has no sympathy.  Phones off or lose ten percent of your final grade, the choice is yours! UGH.

3.      The Loving Grandparent

Everyone has had that one professor that was more like a mentor than a professor, the one who reminds you of your loving grandmother or grandfather.  They are old and timid but they have all the wisdom in the world and they LOVE to share it with us young folks.  They enjoy telling stories about when they were young and they make the classroom feel a little like home.  They teach you a great deal about life and about yourself.  This is one of the professors you’ll remember long after you graduated and when you look back on their class, you’ll feel gratitude for all they taught you.

4.      The Perfectionist

If you had any hopes of getting an A in this class, they will be thrown out the window the second you get your first assignment back.  After spending hours on what you thought was the perfect paper, you get it back all marked up in red pen.  This professor is a perfectionist in their own lives and expects the same of you.  This class is sure to get you frustrated a few times but stay strong—you will actually end up learning a great deal from this professor and you are sure to develop better organizational and time management skills.