Postcards from Prato

Samantha Higgins

Helpful staff at Prato Campus

It was a fast week here in Prato. With no classes on Monday and then jumping right back into finishing final projects, everyone was busy with the end of semester things they need to get done.

Carousel by the Duomo (Samantha Higgins/Charger Bulletin Photo)
Carousel by the Duomo (Samantha Higgins/Charger Bulletin Photo)

Tuesday was one of the last conversation exchanges, and Wednesday was a mandatory all-school meeting. With all the students and staff present, we talked about housing, the meal plan, and how satisfied the students were with both.

The Prato staff encouraged us to accomplish more, instead of just focusing on the fact that it is almost time to go home. With all the things students still wanted to get done in the last three week, we also talked about how staff members can help us accomplish those goals.

Prato Campus week was also talked about. Events of the week include a barbeque with the Australian Monash college, a competitive run (or walk for those who don’t want to run), concerts, lectures, and Open Day where people are free to come into our school building and see what our school is like.

Thursday the art history class took their last trip to Florence. Since we were unable to get into the museum we planned, we went to another one, which was an old convent. It was extremely interesting, and while there wasn’t art from our books, it was still amazing to see everything. We discussed our final project where students have to reenact a pose from a painting and take a picture. It’s challenging, but it is proving to be very entertaining and a lot different than other final projects since we get a whole different understanding for the artwork. After the class was over, some students went back to Prato for classes, while others stayed in Florence for the day. Personally, I took the opportunity to buy last-minute souvenirs for family members back home.

Another final project that is different and a lot of fun is the oral portion of the Italian final. Students were given the option between taking a traditional oral exam and making a song parody, a video, write a poem, or even do a radio show. Now UNH students get to take advantage of the beautiful weather, show off their language skills, and make some more memories walking around Prato before we leave.

Even with all of the final projects and exams coming up, there is still so much to do in Prato. There is a carousel by the Duomo, which is a term for a cathedral church, and makes me smile every time I see it. There are always people out-and-about and the school still has events planned for us.

Regardless of how anyone feels about going home, we are all still taking advantage of the beautiful city we are currently in. Numerous students are still taking more trips to other places in Europe this week. When you are in Prato, the possibilities of what you can do are endless and the staff encourages you to do each and every thing that you want to. I wish I didn’t have to leave!