Postcards from Prato

Anelia Marston

Last weekend, I went on another one of my many adventures. It was Easter Weekend, which meant that we had that Monday off, so a four day weekend, and what better place to spend a four day weekend than in Barcelona, Spain.
Iyana, Deanna, Chase, Zach, and I traveled to Barcelona for beaches and Spanish food. We walked a lot, but it was worth it. We went to the Olympic Stadium that was built for the 1992 Olympics. It looked as if it was finished being built yesterday. The Stadium was huge and absolutely gorgeous. After the Olympic Stadium, we visited the Magic Fountain. Every weekend, they perform a light show at night and to sum it up, it’s a slightly less exciting version of the Fantasmic Light Show in Disney, but in the end, it was still a cool show to be able to see in Barcelona. During our Barcelona trip, we also visited Park Guell and were able to see all of Barcelona from the top of the Park. We spent most of our Easter at a beach and there is no other way I would have wanted to spend my day. That night, all of us cooked an Easter dinner in our hostel and by Easter dinner, I mean we cooked hamburgers and pasta. It was pretty impressive for a bunch of college students. Barcelona was a great weekend, I really liked the city and I really loved the empanadas. Barcelona will be greatly missed.
prato 2Last week, we also had one of our Art and Science field trips to Galileo’s Museum. My favorite part of the museum was exhibit where they showed three of Galileo’s fingers in a display case. It was freaky, but really fascinating at the same time. School is going as great as it possibly can for any college student, and I am really enjoying my time volunteering. I am starting to get a little depressed thinking about the fact that I only have one month left in Italy. I am going to do my best to make the most of the month and have many more travels planned!