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Riley Knebes

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UNH Alumnus Zani Imetovski nominated for First Selectman of Seymour, Conn.

University of New Haven alumnus Zani Imetovski is on his way to making the town of Seymour a better place. On Jul. 23, Imetovski was nominated for the position of First Selectman, an important and time consuming duty. According to the town charter “The First Selectman shall serve full time and shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the town.” For those of us who don’t follow politics, it boils down to this being an essential role in town government.

UNH alumnus Zani Imetovsksi is running for Seymour, Conn. First Selectman (Photo provided by Zani Imetovski)

UNH alumnus Zani Imetovsksi is running for Seymour, Conn. First Selectman (Photo provided by Zani Imetovski)

Imetovski will be running against his Republican opponent, Kurt Miller, who has served two terms as the First Selectman in Seymour already. Highly qualified would be an understatement to describe Imetovski though. At the age of 23, Imetovski may be underestimated for his young age in the world of government, but he has put in his fair share of work in politics.

A 2014 UNH graduate, Imetovski earned his Bachelor’s degree in political science along with serving as the president of the Undergraduate Student Government Association. He also worked as a Campaign Coordinator and Treasurer for State Representative Theresa Conroy. In addition, Imetovski dealt with government affairs in America’s capital during his summer internship for the U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal. His most recent line of work has been as a Legislative Aide for the Connecticut General Assembly. Although appearing young, it is clear that Imetovski has put in the work to earn his unanimous nomination.

Some of Imetovski’s plans for Seymour include expanding senior tax relief, working toward becoming a more eco-friendly town, and investing in Seymour’s education system.

“I want to run because I want to re-engage the community in how we govern town affairs,” Imetovski stated. “All of our boards and commission have a lot of experience, but where we are lacking in in fresh, new ideas. I want to work to make Seymour a place where I can someday watch my grandchildren grow up here like I did, and where I could someday retire with comfort.”

Student Activities Coordinator Colleen Kerrigan shares her thoughts on Imetovski’s nomination.

“I think he would do a great job. I think he is very level headed, he is very fair and he cares a lot about the people that he works with and I’ve heard him talk a lot about his home town and how he cares about those people so I think he would do a really great job.”

Kerrigan and Imetovski have been involved in student government together in the past.

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Shelissa Newball, has also worked alongside Imetovski in years prior.

“I think because he is young people might see him as like not experienced, but I think he has so much experience because he has been involved in his community and that area for such a long time that I don’t think people give him enough credit,” Newball said. “I think his age might be a hindrance, but I think once people see past that he will be an awesome candidate.”

Riley Knebes, Staff Writer

Riley Knebes is a junior with a double major in English and Communications as well as a minor in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a team captain on the...

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