Netflix Debuts New Film “The Babysitter”

Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

Netflix added another horror movie to its catalog on Friday, October 13, with The Babysitter, which centers on 12 year-old Cole who finds disturbing information about his babysitter Bee. After watching the trailer, one might assume that this is another cheesy horror movie, but after watching viewers may disagree. While the movie is listed as a comedy and horror on IMDB, it does have some scary elements to it but the humor makes it much more light hearted.

The movie has a star-studded cast which includes: Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor, Hana Mae Lee, Samara Weaving, and Judah Lewis. Weaving plays Bee, the babysitter to Lewis’s character, Cole. Amell plays Max the jock, Thorne plays Allison the cheerleader, and Lee plays Sonya. Bachelor, also known as KingBach from Vine, plays John. Amell and Thorne have previously starred together in The Duff. Lee is most known for her role as Lilly in Pitch Perfect.

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“I liked how it played upon stupid cliches but also was gimmicky,” said student Julie Ringuette.

Cole is a bullied 12 year old boy whose only friend is Melanie, played by Emily Alyn Lind. Lind’s character asks Cole if Bee ever has guests over once he is asleep. Once he replies no, she dares Cole to stay up past his bedtime to see what Bee does once he is asleep.

Cole witnesses Bee and her friends playing truth or dare while spinning the bottle. What seemed like a seemingly innocent game or truth or dare quickly became dark, and what Cole saw was not the worst thing he would see that night. Soon, Cole learns that his babysitter is not who he thought she was. The night soon becomes a fight for Cole to survive.

“I think it was hyped up to be scary, but it was more like one of the “Scary Movie” films, rather than truly scary movies,” said student Rebekah Sherer.

Personally, after watching the trailer I thought it would be an alright movie, but after watching. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There were typical horror movie moments which were expected, and some unexpected moments. It is a good movie to watch before Halloween, or a good movie to watch before a true horror movie.