MIC Hosts Official Tour


Karina Krul, Student Life Editor

Saturday night in the German Club the Music Industry Club (MIC) welcomed Chapel, Too Close to Touch, and Waterparks to campus for a concert scheduled on their official tour. It was the first time that a MIC show has been officially listed as a tour date.

“We sold out the venue! It was a lot of fun and it wasn’t any different for the people running things, but it was the first time we sold out a show there,” said Will Turner, Vice President of Audio Engineering Society and Treasurer of MIC, when asked how being an official tour stop impacted the show.

Fans of the bands, mostly Waterparks, began lining up outside the German Club for tickets as early as 10am, wrapped in blankets to survive the 5 degree weather. Tickets were $5 for non-university students, which included over half of the people in attendance.

“I am glad that MIC had a successful concert and that it attracted a lot of non-UNH students. It is a great organization that deserves much success,” said University student Nicole Manall.

Doors opened at 8 p.m., with the opening band, Chapel, taking the stage to perform at 8:30 p.m.. Upon entering the German Club there was a clear, easily noticeable distinction in audience members, with University students typically remaining in the back, the outside fans congregating right in front of the stage, and even parents lining the walls. It was a certainly diverse crowd, most of which had given up a good portion of their day to travel and secure tickets to see Waterparks.

While most of the audience consisted of followers of the bands outside of the University, the concert also appealed to University students who may have not been as familiar with the bands. The concert featured genres ranging from indie rock to pop punk, catering to many music tastes and making the concert a nice alternative to staying in and watching Netflix, a point brought up by Waterparks lead singer in between songs. He engaged the audience in conversation in between every song, as many asked him for guitar picks he came back with quick comments, including “raise your hand if you go to this school and you’re only here because you had nothing better to do on Saturday night.”

“My favorite part of the show was being able to dance to the variety of music with my good friends,” said Manall.

Too Close to Touch and Waterparks were co-headliners, but most fans seemed to be there for Waterparks, who performed last to end the night. Fans of Waterparks went to extremes to show their adoration for the band and many brought gifts to pass on to the band. “One girl made an ‘ABC’s of Waterparks’ scrapbook which was pretty impressive,” explained Turner.

Overall, the night was a huge success for MIC, as they made a profit, sold out the venue, and got their name more into the public. “We had some stressful situations throughout the night, but overall the night was a huge success,” explained Turner. “That wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work everyone put in for months to promote this show,” he added regarding the overwhelming success.