MIC Brings Metal Back to UNH


Karina Krul , Student Life Editor

Unfamiliar sounds could be heard coming through the doors of the German Club, as Music Industry Club hosted its first metal show in several years. The show featured four bands: Currents, Idle Lives, Before I Turn, and Spillway.

Friday night, MIC, in conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society, hosted their first concert of the semester.

When asked why they chose to host a metal concert after so many years, MIC President Carol Simpson explained, “Our club members and other students around campus have been asking for more diverse shows so this was one of our steps towards diversity.”

The turnout was great, especially for the first show of the semester. People from on and off campus, not just university students, crowded into the German Club to enjoy the music. Simpson said, “For being a metal show, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people from on and off campus came to support.”

Vice President of AES and Treasurer of MIC, Will Turner, took a guess at what made the turn-out so great saying, “Metalheads tend to go to more shows than fans of other music because most are musicians themselves and love supporting their favorite acts.”

Photo by Carol Simpson

“Everyone seemed to be having a great time. They came out to support the music and there were plenty of people there supporting friends that they had in the bands, so that was nice to see,” said Simpson.  

Everyone had a good time, regardless of whether they were helping run the event or if they were just in the audience, enjoying the music. Michala Palmer was excited to see Currents. “They are a really talented band and I hope they perform here again soon,” she said.

Turner reflected on his experience helping to run the event, and his interactions with the performing bands as he said, “The bands were all great musicians and professional people.” He continued saying, “My favorite part was honestly the fact that it happened. New students in MIC got to learn a lot and there was a good amount of people there.”

When asked if these bands would be coming back to the university Simpson offered, “Not this year, but they might!”

MIC’s next concert will be on February 24 featuring Lea, Carlos Danger, Crag Mask, Quiet Giant, and the headliner, Ovlov.