Make Your Own Music Video

Michelle R Morra

Last week was Rock and Roll Week, and each day had a Rock and Roll themed event. This particular week started off with a bang.  On Monday, September 19 in the Programming Space, the Special Events Committee of SCOPE started Rock and Roll Week off right with “Make Your Own Music Videos.”

In the Programming Space, the committee set up a green screen, costumes, microphones, and a video camera.  With all this equipment, students were able to make their own music video to a song that they loved, and then they were able to get a DVD to show their friends and make them jealous or just for a good laugh; either one was possible.

A lot of students came out and enjoyed making their own video.  They put their own little mark on the song.  Students made videos to “I Like Big Butts,” which some SCOPE members did a fantastic version of, and other funny and popular songs like songs by the Beatles, Katy Perry, and more were used.

And when there was a lull in video making, SCOPE would have their fun.  They picked one CD and played those songs all the way through.  They were all singing songs that they knew or didn’t know and giving it their best try, but no matter what, they were having fun.  SCOPE knows how to have fun, so stay tuned the rest of the semester for more fun events.