Living life as a Gilmore

Samantha Mathewson

For the better part of my teenage years, or at least once I was aware that such an amazing TV series existed, I followed Gilmore Girls. Not out of rebellion towards my father because he hated the morals of the show, but because I simply could not get enough of the humorous anecdotes of the mother daughter duo.

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As religious as TV watching gets, every Thursday night I flipped to the CW channel, and while my dad didn’t necessarily agree with what the show stood for, he extended my bedtime for that one night a week. The series ended in 2007, and yes, as you’re all probably wondering, I cried.

However, in tribute, I wrote my eighth grade final poem on the series end, “the eighth season is no more, as the series comes to an end…”

For my birthday that following year, my uncle who lived with us at the time and knew my love for the series, gave me the entire series on DVD.

If I haven’t expressed clearly enough my love for the series already, one of my best friends from high school signed my yearbook saying, amongst other things, to “have fun in New Haven following in Rory Gilmore’s footsteps.” And, well, I have.

Rory did not attend the University of New Haven – she went to Yale; however, what the two of us have in common is being elected Editor-in-Chief of our university newspapers for our senior years. Next year I will continue my involvement in The Charger Bulletin as Editor-in-Chief. I am not only looking forward to this opportunity because I idolize Rory, but it has always been a goal of mine since I decided I wanted to pursue a career in journalism and became a staff writer for The Charger Bulletin as a freshman at UNH.

Now, Gilmore Girls has been off the air for a while, with the occasional rerun on ABC Family or SOAP Network. When there is nothing else to watch on TV, I can always count on the Gilmore girls. I can choose any episode from any season to relive the best years of my childhood, similar to how I feel about my accomplishments at UNH.

I could relive any day from any of my three years here so far. Not a day has gone by that I didn’t make the most of, and more importantly, all that I have done got me to the position of Editor-in-Chief, which I could not be more thankful for.

I look forward to working with Elissa Sanci as the newly-elected Assistant Editor for next year, and am sad to say goodbye to the current Editor-in-Chief, Liana Teixeira, who made my experience as Assistant Editor this past year extraordinary.