Letter to the Editor: A Campus Pantry for all

Dear Editor,

On the University of New Haven campus, the Campus Pantry/Career Closet works diligently to ensure that no student faces food insecurity during their time here. For a student body of roughly 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students, we have individuals working tirelessly in the Career Development Center to watch out for all.

So, for a population of roughly 690 million people around the world, who is working to ensure their malnutrition prevention and treatment?

Well, easily, that answer can be you.

Within this population of 690 million people, a large quantity falls to women and children, with an astounding one in five children suffering from malnutrition. And by the time that our seniors graduate in 2022, it is projected for nearly 14 million more children to be severely malnourished.

So, as a campus filled with students working to go into careers of public service—of healthcare, justice, equity, truth-seeking, and purpose—what can we do?

A part of the goal of the non-profit the Borgen Project is to mobilize anyone and everyone to use their right to contact their representatives to help fight extreme poverty. Thirty seconds towards calling or emailing your representation to help inform them what you want to see them do can make all the difference.

Our solution is to use our voices and get our senators and representatives to push for our international affairs budget to be also allocated towards education, health, empowerment, and world hunger. This is the fourth year that Congress has rejected proposed cuts to an International Budget, emphasizing the importance and the need to keep this budget operating a minimum of $62.7 billion dollars. Importantly, another step in protecting our support globally would be supporting the Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act (H.R. 4693/ S.2956).

Interested in making that difference?

Use your voice.