Letter to the Editor: New Harvard Policy

Since last year, there has been a policy implemented at Harvard University that blacklists all students belonging in a same-sex organization. This policy denies students the opportunity to hold any leadership positions on campus, in other organizations or athletic teams and even denies them the chance to obtain any post-graduate fellowships and scholarships controlled by the university. This policy was created to counter “privilege and exclusion” in addition to accusing same-sex organizations or promoting values that undermine those of Harvard. Recently, four national fraternities and sororities, including my own, have decided to sue the university on the grounds that Harvard is denying the students of same-sex organizations rights that are protected under Title IX, which states “no person shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination” under any state-subsidized program.

I find this to be appalling and completely unfair to the students at Harvard. Organizations such as fraternities and sororities, although seen as a negative concept in the public eye, are the complete opposite of that. As a member of a fraternity, I can tell you myself that if I had not joined the organization that I did, I would not be the on-campus leader that I am today. These organizations promote personal growth and cultivation, unity, diversity, community, and powerful friendships.

Harvard is making the wrong decision in implementing this policy and I’m proud to see so many students at Harvard and other campuses, including UNH, take a stand together towards countering this unjust policy. I hope that Harvard can see soon enough how much the policy affects students and I hope they will do what’s right for students belonging in the organizations that some may call their home.