LAU Hosts Third Deal or No Deal on Campus

Samantha Mathewson

On Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012, Lambda Alpha Upsilon hosted Deal or No Deal in Dodds Theatre at the University of New Haven. 16


ladies from various sororities and organizations on campus in black dresses lined the stage with their “cases” of various prizes, representing the Deal or No Deal models.

When entering, you were greeted by a LAU member and given a raffle ticket which would later be chosen by random to see if you were one of the lucky contestants that got to play the Deal or No Deal game.

The crowd became very rowdy as the first contestant Tori, a sophomore at UNH, was chosen to play. The game started with 16 cases. When you were called up, you chose the case that you thought has the best prize inside. In the first round you eliminate a total of four cases. In response to the prizes you eliminate, the banker offers an amount of money in gift cards.

Tori responded with “no deal” to the bankers offer and continued the game. In the succeeding rounds, the contestant must eliminate three cases, then two cases, then one case until it is down to one case left on stage and the case in your hand, which you then have the option of switching before you reveal the prize you have won. Torri won gift-cards because she chose to take the deal.

The prizes ranged from UNH lanyards, water bottles, or t-shirts, to gift baskets, headphones, CDs or DVDs, or a game board. Larger prizes included iPads, iPods, laptops, TVs, WII game systems, iHome speakers, and digital cameras.

There were eight more rounds played that evening. Second contestant Samantha Mathewson, freshman, won a 32″ plasma screen TV. Third contestant Jess, sophomore, won a CD when she turned down the banker’s offer of “free hugs” after her she eliminated all of the large prizes. Fourth contestant Becka, senior, won a lanyard. Fifth contestant Grace, junior, won a set of gift cards. Sixth contestant Tayla, freshman, won a digital camera. Seventh contestant Jenn, sophomore, won an IPad 2. Eighth contestant Calvin, sophomore, won the iHome speakers. And lastly, ninth contestant Sylvana, sophomore, caved to the bankers offer of 100 dollars in gift cards, but lost out on the 46″ plasma screen TV which was in the case she originally chose.

At the end of the game, for all the students that did not have a chance to play, LAU gave away gift baskets, lanyards, t-shirts, water bottles, DVDs, headphones, a board game, and the big prizes: an iPod touch, a laptop, and the 46″ plasma screen TV.