Lady GaGa Was Ridiculed Despite a Flawless Performance


On Sunday, we were undeniably blessed with the presence of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. Some might even ask why there was a football game at the Lady Gaga concert. After watching her performance, people across the country fell in love with Gaga all over again. Personally, I kind of forgot she existed until her talent struck through my soul during her 13-minute show.

Not only is she talented and possibly sculpted by cherubs, her ambiance lights up a room, or a stadium in this instance. Gaga’s confidence is what makes her so unique and incredibly artistic. Which brings me to my main point: Lady Gaga’s tummy.

Unlike every other performer who flaunts their chiseled abs on stage (which is always commendable), Lady Gaga brought to stage her toned, ordinary, but still completely admirable, body. As I write this article, it’s difficult to believe that this is even world news, but it is.

I found her performance incredibly empowering and sexy, as she danced around in a two-piece outfit. Unfortunately, many bullies of the world found it shameful, embarrassing, and repulsive. Why, you ask? All because of her “jiggly” tummy. While tons of people supported and praised her performance, a ton of people completely body shamed her. Notice the difference?

Fans and new admirers were amazed by her and her overall drive. Others claimed that they couldn’t focus on her singing due to her stomach jiggling all over the place. If Lady Gaga’s stomach is “jiggly,” I don’t want these imps to see my stomach if I was doing what she was doing on that stage.

Lady Gaga also received backlash when she didn’t use her power to take a stance against Trump when she had the devotion of the entire country. Because bringing politics up surrounded by thousands of people would be the smart thing to do. Apparently, doing her job as a singer wasn’t adequate enough for fans.

The animosity that Gaga receive simply represents the rotten society that we are part of. I safely assume that most of us support her and find her poise inspiring and enthusing.