Kappa Kappa Psi Becomes Hybrid Organization

Karina Krul , Student Life Editor

Kappa Kappa Psi (KKY), the band fraternity on campus, has completed the process to become a hybrid organization. This designation means that they can begin accepting graduate students and that they will begin to receive funding from the graduate student council along with the undergraduate student council.  

The decision came after one of their brothers, Will Ciccone, graduated but remained at the university to attend graduate school.

“I wanted KKY to become a hybrid because I wanted to continue giving my time and dedication to this organization because it does mean a lot to me,” said Ciccone. “Being a part of the ensembles on this campus gave me many opportunities in leadership and development and I wanted to make sure that I still had the chance as a graduate student to continue being a part of this organizations whose overall goal is to better the bands on this campus.”

The new hybrid establishment allows more opportunity for involvement, according to KKY executive assistant Kristen Cianci. She stressed that many current seniors are also looking forward to the opportunity to continue their involvement in the organization.

“The fact that Kappa Kappa Psi is a hybrid allows me to continue to improve my org and take on leadership roles for another two years,” said current senior Lolly-Elizabeth Beichner. “Instead of starting over at [the University of New Haven] I will still have a sense of normalcy starting the next chapter of my life.”

The reception of being a hybrid organization has been positive throughout KKY, even with graduate students who have made the decision not to return, such as Jenna Racz. Racz explained that while time constraints prevented her from joining the organization she appreciates that it is now always an option for her to come back to.

The process to become a hybrid organization began for KKY at the start of this semester and only took a few weeks to complete. Cianci explained that it was not a particularly long or difficult process, primarily just consisting of meetings and discussion of logistics and requirements.

Ciccone now holds the newly appointed position of graduate student council representative and remains active in his leadership roles.

Overall, KKY looks forward to the future and the opportunities being a hybrid organization will bring.

“I think hybrids offer grad students the opportunity to still be a part of campus life, and continue the work and relationships they built while in undergrad,” said Racz.