Jim Spinnato’s X-Rated Hypnotist Show

Nadine Northway

On Friday, Jan. 25, there was yet another hypnotist show at UNH. This time, it was X-rated and it was even funnier than the last time Jim Spinnato visited. During the first one of the school year, I actually was hypnotized and when it was over I felt like I had just taken a nap. It is a weird feeling, and watching what goes down when you are under hypnosis is hilarious and a bit frightening. This time, I got to see my friends and some quite entertaining strangers get hypnotized. I am sure they will love watching the videos back because I sure did.

Hypnotist Jim Spinnato started out with his usual hypnosis tests to see who was most receptive of being hypnotized. He put everyone to sleep and asked that they not fall off their chair, although he had a few fallers. After that, he got to the funny part. Spinnato acted as if he was talking from their crotch and got them to talk back and “pet” themselves. He told them all that the audience was naked and had two people from the audience do jumping jacks. That part was hilarious, but it just kept getting better.

Spinnato then convinced them they were naked and commented “nice tits” to freshman Scout Brink. He then told them all he was naked now and everyone squirmed in their seats because he told them they were super-glued.

After those shenanigans, Spinnato gave them all tasks to do when certain songs started playing. Some people had to become male belly dancers, female body builders, J-Lo’s backup dancers and more. He also had some people assigned to run around the audience. One boy had to run about looking for a dog, and another girl was the very angry laugh police.

I believe everyone’s favorite part of the night, however, was when he had them all do their favorite sex position on a chair. The things people think of to do with a chair are just crazy. Some people were over them, some under them, some against the wall, some even balanced on the side of the stage… It was quite a sight.

At one point, Spinnato had placed balloons in the laps of three of the boys. He told them that it was their privates, to put it nicely. He then told the girls that the balloons were the cutest stuffed animals and that they really wanted to pet them.

Three of the girls had a fight over one of the “stuffed animals,” and one of the girls managed to pop the balloon. The look on the guy’s face when that happened was priceless.

All in all, Spinnato put on a good show and kept everyone incredibly entertained. The amount of swears and sexual comments, both implicit and explicit, was suggested in the title of the event since it was X-rated, so I hope that would be a warning to not bring any young children. For teenagers and adults, however, this was a fantastic show and it brightened everyone’s night.