ISA Hosts “International Night”


Photo Courtesy/Unsplash

Katrina Stolar, Contributing Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 2, the International Pathways Program, in conjunction with the International Student’s Association (ISA), hosted “International Night” in Bartels Alumni Lounge. The event had a selfie station, streamers, balloons, and served beverages, subs, chips, and ice cream. Music from around the world played, and students showed off their dance moves. This event also acted as a welcome reception for new international students, giving them the chance to sign up, meet each other, and discuss the details of the program.

Zehra Abbas, the international student advisor says that this event “promotes domestic and international integration on campus.” Since most of the international students attending the University of New Haven come from homogenous cultures, it is important to introduce them to the melting pot of cultures that is America. This benefits the students because not only will they learn about American culture, but also the cultures of international students. More so, domestic students who may not have the option to study abroad, or come from a non-diverse hometown, still receive cultural awareness by having international students right in their classrooms.

The International Pathways Program is an organization under the International Student Offices that pairs new incoming international students with global student leaders, who act as mentors throughout the school year. Global student leaders help new students to adjust to campus. The International Student Association is “dedicated to uniting cultures on campus,” according to Carlos Soto,  the International Pathways Program Coordinator. The ISA takes trips to New York City and hosts various events on campus.

“We want to help students create a support system and peer to peer interaction to help facilitate international students’ success here at the University of New Haven,” says Abbas.