Interracial Gay Marriage, Sex with Dogs, and Polygamy: 3 Things Americans Hate

Zack Rosen

Ahh, polygamy. Whether polygyny (one man married to multiple women at once), polyandry (one women married to multiple men at once), bigamy (marrying one person while still lawfully married to another), or serial monogamy, there’s all sorts o’ fun to be had in Utah!

Nah, but seriously, what’s with people hating what other people want? Whether it’s that [asinine] judge in Louisiana who refused to marry a couple because one was black and the other was white, or whether it’s those dolts all around America who feel that gay marriage will “ruin” the “sanctity” of marriage, everyone always seems to have a problem with two people loving each other!

And whatcha know, this week’s issue of The Charger Bulletin delves right into all of it! You’ll see on page 14 that Maine had a big vote this past Tuesday, Nov. 3 regarding gay marriage. At the time of print we’re unsure of its results but, if it passed, it will mark the first time in American history that gay marriage won a popular vote (as opposed to being voted on by a state’s legislature).

Then flip right back over to page 3, where an article regarding the Texan polygamy law is analyzed. Now keep in mind that this case included things that are certainly wrong if true: sex with minors.

But looking beyond that, why is polygamy so wrong? Sure, I would never want to be in a polygamist relationship, but why should that stop two people who don’t mind? It’s not hurting anybody. If you want to marry two people at once, I say go for it! Granted, you shouldn’t be allowed to receive twice the marital benefits, but otherwise eat your cake AND have your freakin’ icing.

All too many times, people are too involved in the business of others here in America. So what if two guys want to hook up and get married? So what if two girls want to kiss and hold hands in public? So what if a woman loves two men and marries them both? Polygamy, as long as everyone is happy, is not going to destroy the sanctity of marriage. There is no such thing. Gay marriage is not going to destroy a child’s life, unless the couple breaks up and divorces or abuses the kid. It’s no different than heterosexual marriage. And polygamist marriage, as long as it isn’t being abused for government perks, is no more wrong.

In other news, bestiality IS wrong.

That is all. Tune in next week for another rant, kiddies!