How the Holidays Lose Their Magic

Samantha Higgins

It’s no secret that the holidays are right around the corner. You walk into any store and you are overtaken by clearance Halloween decorations, an area for Thanksgiving decorations and cookbooks, an abundance of Christmas decoration and trees, and some stores even have New Year 2016 celebration things out already (yes, in November).

Some people use this time of year to take to social media and complain about how all the holidays blend together now, or about how people just blatantly ignore one holiday over favor for another. But I have a completely different problem with all of this–where did all the magic go? And to all these people complaining: do they not remember what it was like to be a child and walk into a store and see those decorations? Do they not remember how exciting it was to see the family you only saw once a year? Or to see everyone smile when the family got together? You don’t care if there are four different holidays represented when you are a kid, all you care about what the fact that it was the most magical time of the year.

So where did the magic go? Why, as we get older, do the holidays have to be less about magic and togetherness and more about stress and complaining? I understand we all have more responsibilities now, but doesn’t anyone remember what the holidays are about?

Forget about the stress of figuring out where you are going for a holiday, what you need to wear, or whatever family drama inevitably comes with the holiday territory. Just enjoy the movies, weather, family, friends,(end of the semester) and magic that comes with the season! They say that you’re only young once, but I say that we can be young every year during this season.