Halloween Safety Tips


Courtesy of University of New Haven Website

University of New Haven Campus Police Squad Car

Jennifer Korn, Student Life Editor

Halloween-themed parties are meant to celebrate the holiday, but there are precautions that students should look out for. The University of New Haven’s public safety department offers resources to ensure students’ safety.

The university police department can connect with students through the LiveSafe app. Students can report emergencies with GPS tracking, as well as incidents, suspicious activity, and more, according to the university website. 

Stephanie Pasqualini, a senior majoring in history, said she heard about the LiveSafe app in a class. 

“I don’t have the app, but I do see how it could be useful,” she said. “It can be a direct line with university police should someone need it.”

Pasqualini, a commuter who takes the bus, said, “I still think calling 911 is a valid option too,” she said.

“We are inspired to provide consistent and contemporary law enforcement and public safety services,” said Ronald Quagliani, associate vice president of public safety and administration services, in a statement on the university’s website. 

According to an article by College Express, “It’s important to be cautious all year round of course, but it’s especially important during Halloween and the days leading up to the holiday.” 

The Department of Public Safety advises students to carry an ID incase of an emergency, set limits, travel in groups, and keep a charged cell phone on hand. 

Pasqualini said “don’t go out drunk” on Halloween, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods. “Make sure that you have a line of communication where someone knows where you are,” said Pasqualini.