Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

Kaitlin Mahar

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of winter. I legitimately want to take a hit out on that groundhog because I cannot do one more week of winter, much less six. I’ve always been more of a fan of summer, but before you write me off as having cabin fever, think about the logical reasons why summer is just all around better than winter.

1. It’s Warm.

Need I say more? Unless you like losing all feeling in your face, hands, and feet, then I don’t think there really needs to be any other reasons why summer beats winter every time. But, some of you may need more convincing, so I will.

2. You Can Wear More! (Er, Less…)

For those of you who say “Well yes, but you can accessorize with boots, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, etc.,” I totally see where you’re coming from. But, you can still do that with swim suits, flip flops, and sunglasses, with an added bonus of not having to fear that your appendages will freeze and fall off in doing so. Speaking of swimsuits, that brings me to #3…


In what way is the winter any better in the beach? Answer: It’s not. You can soak up the sun (and, if you’re like me, sunburn – nothing a little sunscreen can’t fix though), and when it gets too hot, just jump in the water and you’ll be good to go once again! And furthermore, those of you who love skiing and snowboarding can still do that… it’s just in the water.

4. The Summer Olympics.

It may be every two years, but think about it – if it were less than that, pretty sure we’d all go into cardiac arrest. U.S. Olympic Swim and Volleyball Teams, I’m looking at you. Besides, we’ve all seen how “fun” Sochi is. Rio definitely looks like more of a party. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure anywhere else would be…

5. Concerts, Concerts, and More Concerts.

Whether you’re into outdoor concert festivals like Warped Tour and Bamboozle, or you just like going to singular concerts of your favorite bands, nothing is better than going to concerts in the summer. You can’t tailgate in the winter, and you definitely can’t endure ONE outdoor concert, much less dozens; unless you’re a Yeti with a thing for good music.

Even with all of the snow days we keep getting, you’d have to be crazy to still be enjoying winter at this point. I’m no doctor, but maybe you should get that checked out.