Four Years Flies By

Samantha Mathewson

The saying “Time Flies” always sounds cliché when your parents or grandparents say it, once nagging but now insightful, words of wisdom.

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However, when you are a college senior about to start your last year of school, your last cross country season, and your last first issue of The Charger Bulletin for the year, that saying couldn’t be more accurate; time does fly.

It is hard to believe that three years ago I started at The University of New Haven. There are times when it feels like yesterday, and other times it feels like I have been here forever, but neither feeling has prepared me for what this May has in store.

I still remember move-in day freshman year; after unpacking the car and organizing my room, right before my parents left, I told them to take me home. I had changed my mind and decided I couldn’t do this.

Well, as always, when my dad, who has always been my number one fan, told me I could do it, he was right and I was wrong.

The thought of moving away from my life back in NY and parting with my family seemed impossible. The first year I swear I called my dad three times a day just to talk. But I will admit it didn’t take long and I soon adjusted, and I promise those of you that are just moving in and are like me, you will too.

What really helped me was finding my place at UNH. Back in high school I had decided that I had not yet ran my last race aftering running since I was in fourth grade, so I joined the cross country and track and field team, and immediatly they were more than just teammates.

I remember after the first day of practice the three other freshman on the cross country team and I had gotten along almost instanteously that we decided the next year we would be roommates.

While one of them transfered and another decided to stop running, Danielle Sorrentino and I stayed true to our promise and lived together sophomore year and are still as close as ever.
As for my roommates now, who have endured every crazy thing I have throw at them, they are some of my best friends too, friends that will last beyond UNH.

I promise you will find your niche and best friends who become family, and, before you know it, UNH will feel like home. You will explore all UNH has to offer and strive for things you never thought possible.

Photo taken of the class of 2015 on Kayo Field during Welcome Week 2011 (OSA Photo)
Photo taken of the class of 2015 on Kayo Field during Welcome Week 2011 (OSA Photo)

I mean, never did I think I would ever do all that I have:

Throughout my collegiate career I have studied abroad – twice, competed as a cross country and track and field athlete, had my late nights of cramming and my early days full of coffee, have found friends that will last a life time, accomplished my goals of being Assistant Editor and now Editor-in-Chief of The Charger Bulletin, am president of UNH’s communications honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, had an internship with the New Haven Register, moved off campus, and made a million priceless memories, but I’m still not done making the most out of my collegiate career.

I encourage everyone, underclassmen and new students a like, to take advantage of every second they spend at UNH because yes, before you know it, time will fly and you will be wondering what comes next.

For me, all I can say is that in a few short months the real world begins and while it seems scary to leave the comfort zone school has provived, I can only imagine the amazing adventures I will have.

So, welcome class of 2018. Enjoy your new adventure, and to returning students, make this year better than last.