Fighting the Spring Break blues

Courtney Brooks

Whether you spent the past week on a tropical oasis with a cold drink in hand or you were curled up by the fire watching all those movies you just didn’t have time to before, one thing will hold true come Monday morning: we all will be suffering from post Spring Break blues.

courtney bw

For some, it might have hit earlier than others and a long Sunday night filled with homework has brought it in. The post-vacation blues are inevitably going to come, but here are some tips so you don’t let it conquer you.

First, if you were lucky enough to go on an island getaway, coming back to snow covered streets probably made the transition from vacation to reality all the more difficult. To ease into this transition, you MUST unpack as soon as possible. I know you’re probably feeling lazy, and who really needs to unpack summer clothes and bikinis when the temperatures are at record low, but trust me, it will help. Every moment you spend staring at that messy suitcase is another moment you are reminded that your trip is over. Unpacking is healthy; it will help you move on.

Second, start eating healthily again. The months leading up to spring break were probably filled with veggies and green juices in an attempt to have the perfect bikini body, and on Spring Break, you undoubtedly let loose. Chocolate chip pancakes were an acceptable breakfast, seven days in a row, and all you can eat buffets were available for dinner. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you indulged in a delicious dessert at least once last week—who wouldn’t? But, vacation is over now and summer is fast approaching. Start eating clean again and working on that summer body and you will begin to feel better.

Finally, if all else fails, plan your next vacation! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or super expensive, even just a girl’s weekend at one of your roommates’ homes will do. As the winter drags on and our tans fade, we need something to look forward to. By planning another vacation, you can reminisce on all the Spring Break fun without getting down and depressed that it is over.
If you have tried all of these and you are still unsuccessfully fighting the post Spring Break blues, well then there is no hope for you. Pack your bags and move to the first tropical island you find, cause this might be something you are never coming back from. May the odds be ever in your favor.