Facts of Maxcy Hall


Jennifer Korn, Student Life Editor

  • Opened in 1909 as the third location of the New Haven County Temporary Home for Dependent and Neglected Children. It housed up to 300 children and also provided them with classrooms, recreation, an infirmary, and a chapel. (Northeast Paranormal Investigations Society)
  • Ted Wolfe, who lived in Maxcy for eight years and whose parents worked in the orphanage, said Maxcy was never an insane asylum, no one was ever beaten to death and he did not witness any fires. (What Lies Beyond)
  • According to the Middletown Press, the legend of Maxcy Hall says that the building burned down with all the children inside. 
  • The home closed in 1955 and was bought in 1960 by Marvin K. Peterson for New Haven College.