Everyone is a Journalist

Karina Krul, Editor-in-Chief

I am not a journalism major, and still The Charger Bulletin is my favorite place. Much to my English teachers’ dismay, I never wrote for my high school paper. But I was still able to make a home here and feel like I belong.

This year, I have the luxury of taking over an extremely successful publication. Last year’s editor put in the leg work to start a broadcast news show, increase our multimedia presence, and start the process of becoming independent from the university.

As editor, I am going to take that work  and use it to bring The Charger Bulletin to the community it is intended to serve: the students.

This year, we are getting out into the community. We are revamping our engagement, and involving the entire campus and West Haven community as we’ve never done before. I want to welcome the entire university to The Charger Bulletin staff. On a small campus like this, everyone can be a journalist. We need writers, photographers, camera people, and everything in between. But, even more than that, we need eyes on the ground. The Charger Bulletin is here to serve the campus community, and to achieve that goal, we need you.

At a time when journalism is under attack, student journalism is that much more important. We are the voice of the student body. No matter your major, there is something everyone can appreciate in journalism. It is a fight for the truth that is so desperately needed on college campuses. The Charger Bulletin is here for you. I am here for you.

If you want to see something written in the paper then write it. Send an email, come into the office, make your voice heard. My goal this year is to continue to bring the paper to the students, because too  many people don’t know what or where we are.

For too long there has been a notion that The Charger Bulletin is for journalism majors, yet I am writing to you as the marine biology major turned editor-in-chief. As the paper continues to grow into an independent publication, I want to welcome every student who has ever enjoyed writing, taking pictures, working a camera, being in front of a camera, creating graphics, or talking to people. If a marine biology major can become the editor of the Charger Bulletin, then any student who has ever been told they can’t write can come knock on our door.

I’ll be here waiting.