Donald Trump proclaims Day of Remembrance for Americans killed by “Illegal Aliens,” same day as Día De Los Muertos

Cameron Hailey, Staff Writer

On Oct. 30, Pres. Donald Trump released a proclamation for a new national Remembrance Day to take place on Nov. 1, which would focus on Americans killed by “illegal aliens” and concentrating on border security.

This remembrance day is on the same day as Día de Los Muertos, a holiday observed by Mexico and regions in the U.S. and abroad with Mexican populations. The holiday is about celebrating life rather than death for those who have lost their loved ones.

The holiday is primarily celebrated by the people targeted in Trump’s words. Undocumented immigrants make up a small percentage of the U.S. population, about 3.2 percent. Although there is no official tracker of crimes committed by the population, the number was falsely claimed to be higher than 10,000.

The proclamation went into detail over the deportation, particularly to the southern border. The statement was a message to bolster the president’s “Law and Order” rhetoric from his campaign, increasing the number of national guard personnel and his goal of building a wall.

The Biden administration says its border priorities are, “Addressing the Trump-created humanitarian crisis at our border, bringing our nation together, reasserting our core values, and reforming our immigration system will require real leadership and real solutions.”

The Trump administration has yet to comment on the proclamation since its release on Oct. 30.