Donald Trump has COVID, and you should be angry

Barry Lewandowski, Contributing Writer

The U.S. presidential election is less than a month away, and more than four million Americans have already voted. Yet with less than 30 days to go until Nov. 3, the incumbent president has become incredibly contagious. The president has contracted the coronavirus, and you should be angry.

Last Tuesday night, during a chaotic debate, the president’s family refused to wear masks. The Cleveland Clinic, where the debate was held, had required all guests in the debate hall to wear a mask, yet more than half of Trump’s guests, including his four children, refused.

While there have been conflicting reports on when Trump was officially diagnosed with COVID-19, on Thursday, senior advisor Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus. On Wednesday, during a Trump campaign event in Minnesota, Hicks began exhibiting symptoms and quarantined herself on Air Force One during the flight home.

On Saturday White House physician Dr. Sean Conley told reporters that Trump was “72 hours” into his diagnosis, later specifying that he meant to say the president was on day three. All while another doctor, Dr. Brian Garibaldi, said that Trump had received treatment 48 hours prior – which means he received treatment midday on Thursday.

Trump never revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19 until late Thursday night. And on Thursday, around midday, he was at a campaign event in New Jersey, where he interacted with over 100 maskless guests. The White House knew of Trump’s exposure, and some believed Trump to be exhibiting symptoms on Thursday before the event.

Trump’s team never warned Democratic nominee Joe Biden or his team that Trump may have been exposed to the virus.

These facts are damning. The president of the U.S., and those around him, were exposed to COVID-19, and contagious during Tuesday’s debate, Wednesday’s campaign event in Minnesota, and Thursday’s event in New Jersey. The president was being treated for COVID-19 hours before the American people ever knew. Now, with Republican and White House staffers testing positive, the White House is refusing to offer a clear timeline on when Trump was diagnosed – or showing symptoms – of COVID-19.

Sunday, days after testing positive and receiving multiple treatments, put his Secret Service staff in danger by driving around, waving at supporters just outside the Walter Reed facility.

No person deserves to contract COVID-19. It is a deadly, contagious, and cruel disease that has taken the lives of over 200,000 people. Yet it is hard to ignore, especially in the wake of his own diagnosis, that the nation’s president has been willfully negligent, putting American lives at risk.

For months, Trump has disputed the effectiveness of masks. He declared it “would disappear,” implied a vaccine was weeks away and insisted COVID-19 affects “virtually nobody.” Trump has been named as the single largest driver of coronavirus disinformation, and on the COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., claimed “it is what it is.”

You should be angry. Trump refused to wear masks. He held large rallies, and people died. For months, Americans waited for Trump to stand behind the scientists, like director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, and lead the American people through this crisis. Now, not only has his leadership been ineffective, but he put himself and other Americans at risk.

The president was very sick. A 74-year-old man, there are real concerns about how he will do in the coming hours, days and weeks. One more COVID-19 death, no matter who it is, is unacceptable. It is imperative that every American receive the treatment and help they need when diagnosed with COVID-19. But Donald Trump, the president, has access to some of the best doctors in the world. We do not.

On Friday, Trump needed supplemental oxygen. 34 individuals in the President’s orbit have tested positive. Since being released from Walter Reed Medical Center, Trump has posed for photo ops without a mask. He has tweeted over 120 times, and has continued to downplay the virus, calling his catching it a “blessing from God.” All this, while refusing to tell America when he last tested negative for the coronavirus and being back to work in the Oval office.

Donald Trump is an ineffective leader. He has misinformed, and let down the American public. When he knew he was exposed to COVID, when he knew he could be a spreader of a deadly disease, and even now, when he knows he’s sick and is putting people in danger, Trump is taking Americans down with him.