Dinner and a Mystery in Bartels Hall

Lindsay Lynch

Last Friday night a group of UNH students piled into the Upper Student Lounge for dinner and a show. What they didn’t know, however, was that each student was an integral part of the show. The murder mystery dinner, hosted by SCOPE, allowed everyone to be in on the fun!

The SCOPE Murder Mystery Dinner!

It was an evening full of laughs and excitement around every corner. As we enjoyed our three-course meal, the actors put on a show. The theme to the murder mystery dinner was western, titled, “The Good, the Bad and the Not Very Smart.”

The actors did a bunch of scenes that allowed the audience members to attempt to determine the murderer amongst the crowd. All audience members were given the chance to guess who the murderer could be. Once the results were in the actors marched back into the room and revealed how the murder took place and the identity of the murderer.

The cast handed out a few awards throughout the evening. The person who came closest to solving the murder received a little poster showcasing their great job. A few others were also awarded, not for their genius in solving the case, but for not even coming close. Congratulations to Editor-In-Chief Zack Rosen for winning this prestigious award! [Editor’s note: har har har.]

All in all the murder mystery dinner was a great success! There were many laughs and everyone had a good time. If you missed this SCOPE event it was your loss! Thank you to Brick Road Productions for putting on an amazing show. It was a hilarious experience and everyone seemed to have a really great time!