Day 6/14: Finding routines

Day six is my first with an entire house floor to myself. It is weird; even with the opportunity to expand my range beyond just my room, I find that I continue to stay in my friendly confines.

I wake up knowing that there isn’t anyone in the house that I have to worry about infecting, but it doesn’t change how I go about the day. I’ve found that humans are habitual creatures with an uncanny ability to adapt to dire situations. I feel as though we are able to get into habits, helping in keeping our sanity.

Though there is nothing substantial to my routine, there are habits that I’ve quickly fallen into just naturally.

Without having many responsibilities to mark the day, bigger events such as meals are what I have to plan around. After waking up, I eat breakfast. I follow this with some time to rest because this is typically when some fatigue begins to set in. This sometimes results in a nap, when other times it’s just spent with me watching a Netflix show.

Lunch follows this, as I try to spend some time being up and moving around. Between being cooped up in a small room and being sick, it is very easy to become tired and lazy, so getting some kind of movement is important. Dinner is the final landmark task of the day, with time to relax and do whatever comes after.

I am forced to build my day around these, doing so while isolated with my own thoughts. It is amazing how rapidly a day goes by with just this.

My routine is far from appealing; it involves a lot of laying around and mastering the art of doing nothing. It is a routine nevertheless, however.

With the symptoms slowly relieving themselves, it becomes a test of mental fortitude. The more that you begin to feel normal, the more the outside world seems to be appealing. This is the most difficult desire to suppress.

Tomorrow marks the halfway point, highlighting the move away from a physical test to one of the mind. For tonight though, I elect to celebrate reaching this point with ice cream.