Day 13/14: So, so close

Finally, the penultimate day has arrived, bringing with it one of the final two full days within the quarantine. With under 48 hours to go until we are able to leave, the excitement continues to build.

The day is just like any other: boring. I wake up in the morning, taking the time to shower and eat breakfast to keep some form of consistency. I eat as I am in class; today’s meal is a bowl of cereal with a vanilla protein shake for my milk replacement as I ran out yesterday. It actually doesn’t taste too bad at all.

Following this, I lay down and watch something to pass the time; the last couple of days has been The Last Dance documentary, which I decided to go back and watch again. I highly recommend it to any sports fans.

After this, I do homework for a little bit, taking the time to get everything done so I have nothing pressing the rest of the day.

Lunch consists of two microwave dinners, with them being chicken parmesan and meat lasagna today. After this, my housemate and I watch some episodes of the show Zoo in the living room and then finish with a movie.

Late at night, just before bed, I listen to music to just let my mind wander. Imagination allows for a brief escape from isolation.

This is a pretty uniform day for the ones that I have been experiencing this past week. There is a distinct lack of movement, though the level of productivity remains fairly high. In our minds, we love and desire vacations, and many of us don’t like work or school. In reality, these seemingly annoying things give us occupations that take our brainpower and push it in a certain direction, not allowing us to stagnate and become truly bored.

I used to take stuff like that for granted, but I’ve come to realize that a life with unappealing tasks such as that is better than one with nothing to do.

I am excited to walk around outside again, either around campus or off, and be able to integrate myself into public life once again. The hours are counting down.