Culture on Campus


Iyana Jones, Staff Writer

The University of New Haven has many multicultural organizations and spaces designed to allow students of color to feel satisfied expressing their needs and concerns.

The Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion is one of the spaces where students can go to attain information about multicultural organizations and get involved on campus. The goal of the center is to promote cultural diversity, awareness, and sensitivity throughout the campus community. At the center, one can find out about multicultural events on campus and other opportunities, such as becoming a diversity peer mentor. Aside from the center, students of different backgrounds have come together to form their own clubs to ensure their voices are heard.


The Black Student Union, also known as BSU, is an organization dedicated to educating and providing a safe space for students to come together. The Black Student Union has a long history on the campus and has grown substantially over the years. The organization has put on many events. Their Welcome Back Party welcomes new and old students and encourages all to come together to enjoy music and company. College 101 is a program dedicated to freshman and transfer students on the ins and outs of our campus. They also have their Save a Breast fair coming up this month.

“Students of color, and not just black students but also Latino students as well, feel like they have a sense of belonging and their own safe space where they can be around people who look like them and who have grown up with similar cultural values. To be able to have opportunities to be in a space where you don’t have to compromise your blackness, or Latino-ness, but instead relish in it is a blessing,” said BSU member, Khaaliq Crowder.

The Latin American Student Association is another multicultural organization dedicated to educating our campus about Latin American cultures and contributions through professional, educational, and social programming. Some of their biggest events are their Kickoff Barbecue, Taco Fundraiser, Latin Week, and BLAW, in association with other multicultural organizations. Not only is this club informative, but also a place for students to create personal bonds with their peers.

As a freshman, coming in I didn’t have that support system and I found it very difficult to be on campus. As I got more involved on campus, I was able to make that connection with other members of LASA and became close friends with many of them. My next semester I went to Italy and managed to keep in contact with them. I was nominated for two positions, PR and VP and was convinced to run for VP by the then president, Coralys. I was elected VP and since my passion for LASA grew continuously,” said LASA President, Cindy Zhunio.

LASA and BSU are only two of the many multicultural organizations on campus. Other organizations include: the Caribbean Student Association, Indian Student Council, International Student Association, Italian Heritage and Culture Club, National Association for Advancement of Colored People. These clubs are open to all students and with the goal of encouraging them to learn about cultures outside of their own.