COVID & College – What’s the point of coming to campus?

Tiana Frias, Contributing Writer

Coming to college is something a young adult thinks and dreams about from an early age. Television shows and movies show what “college life” looks like and give students expectations about it. Though these are dramatic overstatements, living on campus is something that every student looks forward to. The parties, the social events, always look like they’re one for the books.

But what if you never got the chance to participate, and what does college life really even look like right now?

As a first-year student starting college and moving to a different state for the first time, I never expected life to be the way it is. I admit that I had moments where I wondered, “What even is the point of living on campus anymore?”

Here’s one example: Growing up, you think about all the parties and fun you will have on campus with friends. However, starting the same year as the coronavirus came around took away these experiences. I often sat thinking about how boring life on campus would be and how awful it would be to have to wear masks most of the time.
Fortunately, my experience was nothing like I expected.

In the three weeks that I’ve been at the University of New Haven, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Although meeting people is odd in these times, it is not impossible. If you’re a freshman like me, don’t be afraid to talk to someone walking by or compliment them. It can be tough to talk to others in classes because of masks and things being awkward, but it can happen. I’m sure events on campus are different than before, but I still feel the kind of campus community that was talked about during campus tours. Being able to go to Twisted Thursdays with my friends and make silly little bears makes our week. Yes, we’re stuck in our rooms most of the time, and yes we’re not allowed to do most things that come with college life, but when it comes down to it, is it all that bad?

I think that living on campus has been amazing so far, and I can’t wait to finish the semester out. And who knows, policies can change and there is also next semester to have fun with friends. If there isn’t another semester, then make the most of it and remember all the fun you had in your previous years. Although I don’t know what life on campus is supposed to look like, I am grateful that I got to experience COVID in college, because it’s something I’ll never forget.