Comedy Fun Fest

Michelle R Morra

Last week was SCOPE’s annual Comedy Week, and it was full of laughter and fun.  On Wednesday March 28, in the Programming Space, SCOPE Comedy and Lecture brought different kinds of comedy to campus for the students’ enjoyment.  For four hours, the Programming Space buzzed with students trying to get their fill of laughs.

One of the types of comedy was a Balloon Artist, who didn’t just make people who came to the Programming Space smile but everyone on campus who saw students walking around with funny balloon hats or animals.  Every balloon was different, amazing, and colorful, and they brought loads of smiles to students faces.  The artist brought more than the school had bargained for, but it was fantastic.

Another artist that was roaming the Programming Space, the Cafeteria, and the Maxcy Quad was Pearl the Mime.  She was fantastic, and made every students passing through the Programming Space laugh.  Throughout the day, she changed outfits and each had a different personality.  She started out by pretending to be a mannequin, which blew everyone by surprise when she moved.  Then she changed into all white and was playing baseball with guys outside and pretending to eat with other students in Jazzman’s.  And her third outfit was a long black coat, and she took pictures with students pretending to be boxes or climbing a rope.  Pearl was absolutely fabulous and brought even more smiles to campus.

And finally students were able to remember the day by taking pictures in the photo booth.  Students made funny faces, showed off their balloons, and even invited or got ambushed by Pearl and took pictures with her.  Pictures captured some great moments on Wednesday, moments that should never be forgotten.

It was great day for Comedy Week, and it got a lot of students revved up for the rest of the week!