Class President Steps Down

Class President Steps Down

Everett Bishop, Student Life Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 4, after representing the class of 2019 as president for the past three years, senior Charlie Ricard stepped down. In a post in the Class of 2019 – University of New Haven Facebook page, Ricard said that he would “no longer be in the role of Class President due to certain rules enforced in the class constitution.”

When asked for further comment, Ricard said that he didn’t “feel comfortable” explaining why he made his decision.

Parker Johnson, president of the Undergraduate Student Association (USGA), provided a brief statement saying “Charlie’s reasons for stepping down are his own.”

“I’m certain, however, that he’s made this decision with the class of 2019 in mind,” said Johnson.

According to Matthew Chai, vice president of the class of 2019, Ricard only stepped down from his position when “new information” was brought forward and “cross- referenced with the constitution.” However, Chai would not discuss the process that needed to happen for student government to excuse Ricard.

“All class officers are held to the same standard, they do have to meet the constitutional requirements,” said Chai. “Unfortunately Charlie didn’t meet one of those requirements, I can’t say which one, but he did not meet it so he had to step down as class president.”

Greg Overend, executive director for student engagement, leadership, and orientation, said that Ricard came to him to discuss his next move.

“He and I talked and he asked if he could appeal to the officers. I said ‘Sure,’ he did the appeal,” said Overend.

Student government now must decide what they will do next.

“According to the constitution, me as vice president, I do have the option of stepping up to president, but that’s only if I accept,” said Chai. “As far as the other executive board members, they also have the option of moving into the vice president position, should I accept the president position. Once we have our e-board figured out and who wants to stay and who wants to move up, then we’ll open it up to the student body and say ‘Hey we have a position open on our eboard for this position, please apply.’”